Securing Great Outcomes in Workers’ Remedies Resources

Securing Great Outcomes in Workers’ Remedies Resources
No Surprises! The Importance of Conveying Expectations

Welcome to my series, “Securing Great Outcomes in Workers Compensation” which will explore various techniques in effective claims management.

In this installment, I will explore the importance of conveying expectations to the injured worker regarding remedies and resources.

Remedies and Resources
• Examiners are the Resource: The examiner must be a resource for the injured employee with transparency being critical in the process.
• Communication: Many administrators have the ability for the employee and examiner to communicate via text and email. Explain all methods of communication.
• Available Remedies: Almost every action taken by a claim administrator impacting the injured worker offers corresponding a remedy. Take the time to itemize possible challenges in the claim process and available “offramps.”
• Explaining Remedies: Taking the time to explain remedies can help ease the employees concerns and assure them of alternate avenues in the event they disagree with a determination made by their physician and/or examiner.

It is important to ask the employee what they expect in having various remedies or resources available. Do they feel isolated, alone, and helpless? This is a prime opportunity to tailor this discussion to their various concerns and ease anxiety.

This by no means is an exhaustive list, but instead topics I found helpful to build a solid foundation in effectively adjusting a workers’ compensation claim and securing a great outcome. I learned that putting the time and care early in the life of a claim paid high dividends and greatly assisted in resolving the matter timely and equitably.

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