TUF desires to reduce litigation rates, claims costs and claim durations
by improving the experience of the injured worker.

Just In Time Communication

Claims have many moving parts.  Our TUF Advocate contacts the employee prior to benefits changing, ending or being denied.  This “just in time” communication assures the injured worker that they have a resource shepherding them through the claim process.

Providing Expectations Avoiding Surprises

Workers’ Compensation can be complex and convoluted.  Those injured on the job may not have time to read benefit notices or initial packets.  It is critical, as early as possible, after the injury to educate the injured employee on what is required of them and what they can expect during the claims process.

Conflict Resolution

Those injured on the job may not always agree with the actions of the employer, carrier and/or claim administrator.  Our TUF Advocate is an additional resource to help explain the actions taken, why they were executed and what they can do to resolve the issue.

Offering Offramps and Remedies

Injured workers can sometimes feel isolated or hopeless leading to litigation.  Our program provides awareness regarding remedies or offramps in an effort to alleviate the injured worker’s anxiety. Offramps are almost always available providing the injured worker alternatives to litigation.


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