What is Try Us First?

Try Us First is a litigation avoidance product powered by Alta Claims Services, Inc. aimed at providing just in time communication, expectations and awareness to the injured worker with the goal of reducing the litigation rate for the carrier and or employer. Try Us First extends to every jurisdiction, employer, claims administrator and carrier.

What is Our Approach?

Our Try Us First or TUF Advocate dedicates time and resources in articulating to the employee what they can expect, including when things may not go exactly to plan, and remedies and alternatives available.  We work to ensure the employee is not surprised by changes and denials of medical and indemnity benefits by reaching out before benefit notices are received.  In the event the claim is denied in full, the TUF Advocate will reach out to explain why the employee is ineligible for benefits and any alternative options available.

The Intended Outcome

TUF desires to reduce litigation rates, claims costs and claim durations by improving the experience of the injured worker.

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